Daily Safety Dialogue undertaken with all employees before activities start.

Technical visits by public representatives to the Demonstration Plant to present the project’s development and to show where local residents work: Capitão Gervásio Oliveira’s councillors during a plant visit.

Delivery of certificates for participation in the accident prevention week.

Propagation of native tree species seedlings carried out by employees.

PNM’s well attended Public Hearing for the Environmental licensing process.

Capitão Gervásio Oliveira’s Mayor making initial welcome statement to participants.

Audience outside the hall watching the public hearing through a third projection outside the building

BRN’s success as a company depends on our ability to develop, operate and close operations in a manner that provides long-term benefits.

As a result, we are committed to continuous improvements in health, safety and environmental performance at our operations and to sharing the benefits of our activities with the communities within which we operate.


To support us in the sustainable management of our operations, we are guided by four key principles:


  • The benefits of economic activity must be considered in relation to their respective social and environmental consequences;
  • In using resources, we must use these sustainably and consider the needs and expectations of future generations;
  • We must act together with government and other stakeholders to balance the benefits and consequences of our activities;
  • Corporate Governance contributes to sustainable economic development by enhancing the performance of the company and increasing our access to resources and capital.

Our objective is to leave behind a positive legacy of stronger, more sustainable communities once mining activities cease. By maintaining high standards for protecting human health and the environment, and working in cooperation with our host communities and governments, we endeavour to create sustainable, long-term economic and social opportunities.

We will achieve this by:


  • Targeting Zero Harm to our employees.
  • Leaving a positive legacy in the community.
  • Conserving, and where possible enhancing, the natural environment.
  • Respecting and protecting the rights of employees and host communities.
  • Doing Business Responsibly and Transparently.
  • Ensuring adequate return for shareholders.


Good corporate governance will be achieved through disclosure of financial and non-financial information to stakeholders and the holding of regular director’s and general meetings with transparency as the over-riding concern.

Nickel and cobalt for a low carbon future