Environmental permit issued for Piauí Nickel mine & process plant – a key step towards full scale production

Brazilian Nickel Plc (“BRN” or “the Company”) is very pleased to announce that is has been granted a Preliminary Environmental Licence (Licença Prévia, “LP”), for the mining and processing plant to produce nickel and cobalt hydroxide intermediates at its Piauí Nickel Project (“PNP”) by the Brazilian Piauí State Environmental Agency (“SEMAR”).
The LP, granted to BRN’s wholly owned subsidiary, Piauí Niquel Metais SA, is a crucial milestone which demonstrates the environmental and social viability of the PNP and represents the State Government approval for the project. The nickel and cobalt products can feed the growing demands of the transforming market in the EV battery and energy storage space as well as more traditional markets.


  • Key environmental and social permit granted to the PNP
  • Validates the PNP’s positive benefits and limited environmental and social impacts
  • Continues BRN’s efforts towards its social licence to operate
  • BFS expected to begin soon


Commenting on the LP award, Mike Oxley, BRN’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“With the award of the LP,   Brazilian Nickel is now well-positioned to continue its advance towards full-scale production. The nickel and cobalt produced from the project will be key elements in the moves to transform the World’s economy for a low-carbon and sustainable future.

“Our team in Brazil have worked diligently towards achieving this profoundly important objective for the project and I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly express my gratitude to them all”.



The LP was awarded on October 22nd after review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study – EIA/RIMA and the successful public hearing for over 300 participants, including related authorities and key stakeholders.

Award of a LP is an important milestone for any large industrial project in Brazil in that it enables implementation and reaffirms that the Company’s strong commitment to sustainable development is aligned with all social and legal requirements.

The PNP is now ready to advance through Bankable Feasibility Study (to FEL 3 standard) to enable financing and application for the Construction Permit (Licença de Instalação, LI) with SEMAR.


About BRN

BRN is a private UK company engaged in the development of nickel and cobalt producing operations through the application of low-cost heap leaching. BRN aims to provide long-term benefits through continuous improvements in health, safety and environmental performance, sharing the benefits of our activities with the communities within which we operate.

We will achieve this by targeting zero harm to our employees, leaving a positive legacy in the community, conserving and where possible enhancing the natural environment, respecting and protecting the rights of employees and host communities, while doing business responsibly and transparently.


About the PNP

The Piauí Nickel Project is an advanced nickel and cobalt laterite project in the State of Piauí in Brazil. The project will use low-cost heap leaching to produce a nickel hydroxide intermediate product for use in traditional markets such as stainless steel and super-alloys or as a feed for the growing lithium ion battery markets for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.